• Spring is here, the boats are coming out
    Call us to and let us know when you want your boat - 613-832-1414.
    Do you need any service or repairs? We can help!
  • We are a full service Marina
    We have been on the Ottawa River for 50-years.
    We will keep your boat running all summer and safe all winter
  • Custom Docks
    Custom floating steel dock structures
    We have been building, servicing and storing floating docks for 10 years
  • Boat Rentals
    Enjoy a day on the Ottawa River.
    Pontoon boats · Fishing Boats

Current Conditions

Spring is here... We are open seven days: 8AM to 5PM.

Don't miss the opportunity to rent a boat from Port of Call Marina. Book now, we already have some reservations for the 2018 season

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